5 Must-Read Cybersecurity & IDM Articles, March 2016

March 23, 2016

Did you know the average data breach costs a company $154 per record? Or that the NY Times was hit with a malvertising campaign last weekend?

It's not always easy for Cybersecurity pros to stay on top of the latest news, so we did the legwork for you and curated five articles from around the cybersecurity and IAM sector worth your attention.


1. Is It the Breadth of the Breach or the Value of the Volume?

To quantify the impact, however, we need to bring in another data set. The cost to an organization to recover from a breach includes direct expenses such as hiring forensics experts, hotline support and paying for credit monitoring, as well as indirect costs such as client turnover and brand damage and internal investigations.

The Ponemon Institute’s “2015 Cost of Data Breach Study” put that overall average cost per record at $154. Read more >>


2. Does Aligning Cybersecurity, Process Safety Approaches Reduce Risk?

The disciplines of safety and cybersecurity are truly more similar than different. Effective coordination of the two sets of lifecycle activities will result in a “stronger together” approach to IACS AND process safety. The newer discipline of IACS can leverage many best practices from the more established disciplines of process and functional safety.

Cyber-threats have increased tremendously for every industrial operation. In today’s world, protection against cyber-attacks is essential if modern networked control systems are to perform securely. Read more >>


3. Malvertising campaign strikes top websites worldwide

The malicious ad attempted to filter out both security researchers and website visitors with antivirus products and patched systems, which would ensure exploit would not be successful.

Web domains including The New York Times, BBC, AOL and MSN became victims of the campaign, designed to spread the Angler exploit kit.  Read more >>


4. Cyber Security Trends To Watch: 2016

Because of the insight it provides into how cyber incidents typically evolve, good cyber threat intelligence leaves a company better positioned to respond more quickly and successfully to the breaches that all firms, without exception, eventually suffer. Protection, detection and response are the bedrocks of cyber security, but they must be informed by intelligence about the threat.

One year ago, Control Risks highlighted two prominent cyber trends and made four predictions for 2015. While none of those predictions appear particularly revelatory in hindsight, they have all proven correct. Read more >>


5. American Express Notifies Cardholders of Third-Party Breach

A notification letter filed on March 10 with California’s attorney general indicates that AmEx account numbers, user names and other information including expiration dates may have been accessed.

American Express did not say how many records were accessed, nor did it identify the third party, or how the partner was compromised. Read more >>


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