10 Must-Read Healthcare Infosec Articles, January 2021

January 26, 2021
healthcare infosec articles

Ransomware, HIPAA Legislation, and cyberattacks headline this week's digest of healthcare infosec articles.

healthcare infosec articles

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10 Must-Read Healthcare Infosec Articles, January 2021


The Great Digital Healthcare Reset via IPWatchDog

“Moving forward, the healthcare industry will have to address the cybersecurity challenges that arise. Organizations may dramatically increase countermeasures to protect IT systems, and if they don’t, the reality is that cyberattacks and data breaches will only worsen.”


Healthcare Web Attacks Increased by 51% Since the Introduction of COVID-19 Vaccines via CPO Magazine

Web application attacks targeting the healthcare industry increased by 51% since COVID-19 vaccines were introduced, according to cybersecurity firm Imperva. The increase in the cyber-attacks was noted when the vaccines were disseminated between Nov and Dec 2020.


Growing Significance of Cyber Security in Healthcare Industry via Security Boulevard

As per a report by HIPAA Journal, healthcare institutions reported 616 data breaches of 500 or more records in 2020. Moreover, the report also revealed that 28,756,445 healthcare records were exposed.


5 minutes with Jeff Horne – Top healthcare cybersecurity challenges and mitigation strategies via Security Magazine

As healthcare organizations continue to respond to the pandemic, cybercriminals have continued to persist in their attacks on providers, health plans and business associates – compromising sensitive patient data while impacting the delivery of care to patients.


Bolstering healthcare IT against growing security threats via HelpNet Security

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, healthcare organizations are scrambling to ensure the safety and support of patients and staff, while also integrating and learning new technologies to support telehealth practices.


HIPAA Safe Harbor Bill Becomes Law; Requires HHS to Incentivize Security via HealthIT Security

The legislation directs HHS to take into account a covered entity’s or business associate’s use of industry-standard security practices within the course of 12 months, when investigating and undertaking HIPAA enforcement actions, or other regulatory purposes.


4 Steps to Mitigate Future Healthcare Cyberattacks via Security Boulevard

The implications in a healthcare setting are different than attacks on a typical IT environment; think of how catastrophic an attack on medical device behavior, reporting and even the devices themselves could be if they were altered, rendered inoperable or worked erratically.


HIMSS Insights Special Edition - APAC digital health trendbarometer via HealthcareIT News

The recently launched HIMSS Insights Special Edition - APAC digital health trendbarometer report provides readers insights on the state of digital health developments in the APAC region.


Ransomware Attacks: Don't Think It Can Happen to You? via CSO Online

The DoD warns healthcare organizations to prepare for imminent cyber attacks. Experts share tactics to protect against harmful ransomware.


What is an Identity Management Strategy? via Idenhaus

IAM is one of those solutions that sounds easy but is actually really difficult to get right. Statistically, more than half of IAM projects fail the first time, and even those that “succeed” usually fall short of expectations.



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