5 Common Pre-Breach Mistakes, Mistake Number Five: Poor Insurance Planning

September 1, 2021
Common Pre-Breach Mistakes

5 Most Common Pre-Breach Mistakes That Organizations Make With Cyber Security

Fifth Mistake: Poor Insurance Planning

Much like any security incident, there is always “before” and “after” in a cyber security breach. When looking at the incident after the fact, one of the major issues that can come up is cyber insurance. In 2021, there are few companies willing to roll the dice on not having any cyber insurance- the problem is a mismatch of their insurance and the response to the situation. 

In the first half of 2021, there was a 24% dip in publicly reported breaches, yet ransomware attacks are at an historic high. While most organizations have at least a basic cyber liability policy, that policy may not cover the extent of the breach, or respond in a timely manner. While you cannot plan for every possibility, you can start by knowing the extent of your insurance policy. Knowing that policy, and updating it periodically, will keep your organization moving while you recover from a cyber breach.

Any organization that is hit by a breach, whether they lost data or not, needs to reassess their security. Idenhaus has many years of helping to reassess and replan cybersecurity with all kinds of organizations. Whether you’re in the before or the after of a cyber attack, Idenhaus can help you mitigate your security risks online. 

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