4 Key Benefits of Process Analysis in Identity Management

October 19, 2018

Identity Management implementations are typically thought of as a technology project. This couldn't be farther from the truth. The broad scope of Identity Management solutions requires business-wide changes to HR processes, security policies, and provisioning processes. They greatly impact how the processes and technology will work together. Investing a mere 10 percent of your time upfront on analysis, planning, and design is a critical investment in your IAM program and will significantly improve your chances of success. Moreover, conducting a process analysis will also drive down the cost of your implementation.

Here are the 4 main benefits of conducting a process analysis before starting your IAM implementation:

  1. Process Standardization and Data Definition
    Process analysis drives a common understanding across HR, IAM, and IT operations and support of how the HR and provisioning processes work today and how they will have to change to work with IAM in the future. Key benefits are:

    • There is a single data source to manage user identity and systems access, improving security and the end user experience. This also eliminates redundant data entry and errors in downstream systems.
    • The IAM system automates access decisions based on business policy and rules, improving service levels and security
    • Standardized processes for user lifecycle management ensure that user access is up-to-date and properly removed when the user leaves the organization.
  2. Information Security & Compliance
    Standard security practices such as Segregation of Duties and Least Privileges are automatically enforced by the system. These controls restrict access to systems and data based on rules and policies, are enforced consistently, require little to no manual administration, improve compliance activities, and boost security.
  3. Business Efficiency and Scalability
    The standardization and tight integration that occurs after a process analysis exercise give the business a greater ability to support growth and improve operational efficiency. Further, IAM provides quick and easy access to users of various systems and simplifies management through well-defined processes and workflows.
  4. Usability
    Web-based workflows and user self-service tools offer a straightforward way to request access to all applications connected to the Identity Management solution. Improvements in request processes and the end user experience will drive solution adoption and worker productivity.

These benefits deliver value to the business and also support end-user adoption of the Identity Management solution. Many organizations want to dive right into the implementation phase without doing the upfront analysis and planning. It is the analysis phase that lays bare the challenges that must be addressed to deliver a successful IAM solution. In this case, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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