Idenhaus’ Year End Newsletter for 2021

December 28, 2021

While the end of a year can be a time of reflection, it can also bring new energy for the coming year. 2021 was a year of many ups and downs, but while we can focus on the bed news, this is a reminder to look at the good as well.  For every breach or bad actor, we learn more and improve our responses and defenses. While no one can predict the path of the coming year, Idenhaus predicts that a good cyber security plan can give you a sense of peace this holiday season.

Is Data Security Worthless if the Data Life Cycle Lacks Clarity? via DarkReading

One side of the argument says that if you cannot track, access, or audit data at every stage of the process, then you can't claim your data is secure. But what is security, and what standards can any organization rely on to keep data more secure?

SBOM Is An Ingredient, Not The Whole Recipe, In Preventing The Next Log4j Breakdown via SCMedia Magazine

Log4j is a nearly omnipresent Java add-in that very well might exist in any Java application. Testing by hand to find vulnerable components will turn up several batch processes that run infrequently — testers may not find out for a while that software is vulnerable. Knowing which applications are vulnerable from the outset dramatically reduces the need for testing and the time to mitigate.

Time to Reset the Idea of Zero Trust via DarkReading

Attackers disguised as legitimate users can be incredibly difficult for security teams to track down. Faced with an explosion of new endpoints like the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, an increasing reliance on cloud workloads and SaaS applications, and a disparate network and workforce driven by COVID-19, identifying good vs bad actors is more difficult because the attack surface continues to expand with velocity.

Brand-New Log4Shell Attack Vector Threatens Local Hosts via ThreatPost

Researchers say that "anyone with a vulnerable Log4j version can be exploited through the path of a listening server on their machine, or  via local network through browsing to a website, which triggers the vulnerability.”  So what can you do to keep your organization safe from this latest threat? Find out here.

Top Five Posts From Idenhaus in 2021 via Idenhaus

‘Tis the time of year to look back at our triumphs and see what we can bring to the new year. This last post of 2021 explores Idenhaus’ top five posts of the year. Which of these was your favorite? Or did you prefer a post we made on another topic? Let us know!

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