14 Must-Read Identity Management Articles

August 6, 2020
identity management articles

 Zero Trust, Privacy Legislation, and Policy Based Access Control headline this digest of Identity Management articles. 

identity management articles

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14 Must-Read Identity Management Articles


Learning about Policy Based Access Control via Idenhaus

While Role Based Access Control has a place in the organization to handle standard access patterns, Policy Based Access Control offers a framework to handle more of the access control workload.


CyberArk Shares Identity Security Vision at Impact Live via BusinessWire

CyberArk laid out an Identity Security strategy that starts with Zero Trust and uses artificial intelligence to understand context and intent. This approach will help organizations dramatically reduce risk while providing a seamless user experience that will securely enable the business and support any device, application or user -- regardless of role or location.


Access management and control considerations for zero trust security via ContinuityCentral

Implementing effective network security controls is foundational to zero trust. However, just as importantly, organizations should be considering how to tightly manage and control access to the business without creating operational friction.


NIST’s Post-Quantum Cryptography Program Enters ‘Selection Round’ via NIST

After spending more than three years examining new approaches to encryption and data protection that could defeat an assault from a quantum computer, NIST has winnowed the 69 submissions it initially received down to a final group of 15. Chosen algorithms will become part of first standard devised to counter quantum decryption threat.


Cybersecurity threats are expanding beyond large organizations via BizJournals

Partnering with an IT consulting firm allows organizations to move security into third-party hands, which can free up internal resources to focus on other mission-critical work and eliminate the need to compete with others for IT talent.


[VIDEO] 6 Points Regarding Identity & Access Management Solutions (IAMS) and Returning To Work Restrictions via Facility Executive

As organizations around the world resume operations, new requirements for creating a safe workplace for employees are driving the need to automate approaches to manage employee social distancing and conduct contact tracing. Learn how restrictions and guidelines related to access control are going to change as a result of social distancing.


Misconfigurations, Poorly Managed Access Help Drive Data Breach Risks via SecurityBoulevard

According to the 300 CISOs who participated in the survey, the following ranked highest as breach contributors: security misconfiguration (67%), lack of adequate visibility into access settings and activities (64%), and identity and access management permission errors (61%).


EU Data Protection: Privacy Shield Shattered by the Sword of European Justice - What Comes Next for Transatlantic Dataflows? via NatLawReview

It remains to be seen how the EDPB and Member States Supervisory Authority will react: will they grant a grace period for companies relying on the Privacy Shield to move toward alternative mechanism or directly enforce GDPR due to lack of legal basis for data transfers for the US?


US Senators introduce the Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act via SecurityMagazine

The Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act is a balanced solution that keeps in mind the constitutional rights afforded to all Americans, while providing law enforcement the tools needed to protect the public from everyday violent crime and threats to our national security.


What is semantic interoperability in IoT and why is it important? via Ericsson

Semantic interoperability is a collection of technologies that enable computer systems to interact unambiguously. It’s an important way to drive down the cost of integrating subsystems, but looking further into the future, it is also a core requirement for creating autonomous operations in IoT.


Zero-trust framework ripe for modern security challenges via SearchSecurity

A common misconception about zero trust is that it is a technology, while it is actually a technical model that uses capabilities like multifactor authentication, identity and access management, microsegmentation, software-defined perimeter and file system permissions.


Top 6 cybersecurity trends to watch for at Black Hat USA 2020 via TechRepublic

Experts weigh in to share their thoughts on the hottest topics to expect at this year's all-digital Black Hat conference.


Why IAM is the best pre-emptive cybersecurity strategy for your business via ITProPortal

IAM is not a plug-and-play operation. Your organization’s risk management leaders need to work with internal and external stakeholders to ensure developments remain in-line with goals. This requires active oversight and the ability to efficiently make updates with minimal disruption.


Why Identity Management Success Depends on Good Data Quality via Idenhaus

Accurate data enables your Identity & Access Management system to function properly, making IT operations efficient and users productive. Bad data quality simply produces bad results faster.

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