14 Must-Read IAM and Cybersecurity Articles, June 2020

June 25, 2020
IAM and Cybersecurity Articles

Identity Governance, IAM, Edge Computing, and Cyber Risk are covered in this digest of IAM and Cybersecurity articles. 

IAM and Cybersecurity Articles

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Learning about Policy Based Access Control (PBAC) Webinar


14 IAM and Cybersecurity Articles

Identity Governance Administration (IGA) solutions are designed to evaluate and enforce security policies to manage user access and protect sensitive information.


16 Tech Experts Weigh In On The Potential Of Edge Computing via Forbes

In this article, Hanno Ekdahl shares how Edge Computing enables better healthcare outcomes through wearable data collection.


Attack Surface Area Larger Than Most Businesses Believe via DarkReading

In a recent report, RiskIQ found a quarter of the top 10,000 Alexa domains had servers running at least one vulnerable web component and that the largest companies typically had more than 300 expired certificates, more than 700 potential development testing sites accessible from the Internet, and 80 instances of web applications running on soon-to-be-outdated versions of PHP.


Pandemic accelerated states' identity and access management projects via StateScoop

“The world just completely accelerated overnight, so our ability to have the right hygiene and the tools to management identity and access management became number one because digital was the only access point for everyone.”


5 IoT Security Tips for Stay-At-Home Workers via SCMagazine

Here are five security tips for remote workers to abide by when engaging with the online realm.


3 key identity management tips to streamline workflows via TechTarget

Organizations must audit IAM processes to ensure that opportunities to streamline workflows are not missed. Use these identity management tips to get started.


No One Cares about Cybersecurity Until They Get Hacked via WorkPlaceTablet

Irresponsible employee behavior, bad apps, well-designed spearphishing emails, and zero-day attacks targeting endpoints all pose what appears to be an unsolvable problem for companies trying to protect their networks.


CISO Dialogue: How to Optimize Your Security Budget via DarkReading

CISOs are never going to have all the finances they want. Hard choices must be made. The CISO of Amazon Prime Video discusses his approaches to a slimmed-down budget.


Hallmarks of A Visionary Security Awareness Leader via Cyber Security Summit

The measuring stick of a visionary leader is whether or not you are getting positive results over time. Short term results are not hard to come by and can sometimes be the fruit of a heavy-handed leader.  But anyone in Security knows that FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) is neither fun nor effective.


Investigating the Top 10 Application Vulnerabilities via CybersecurityInsider

Data leaks and breaches can do unrepairable damage to a brand’s reputation and hurt the privacy of customers. When software teams take the time to build their applications securely, code vulnerabilities and data leaks are ultimately prevented.


Hacker Lexicon: What Is a Side Channel Attack? via WIRED

Side channel attacks take advantage of patterns in the information exhaust that computers constantly give off: the electric emissions from a computer's monitor or hard drive, for instance, that emanate slightly differently depending on what information is crossing the screen or being read by the drive's magnetic head.


60% of Businesses Plan to Spend More on Cyber Insurance via DarkReading

New data reveals 65% of SMEs plan to invest more in cyber insurance, compared with 58% of large enterprises.


Hanno Ekdahl, CEO of Idenhaus Consulting, accepted into Forbes Technology Council via PRWeb

Hanno Ekdahl, CEO of Idenhaus Consulting, an award-winning Cybersecurity services firm, has been accepted into Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs, and technology executives.


Mastering Identity Management: The Data Quality Divide via Idenhaus

In this post we look at these two approaches to managing Identity data, the businesses “Fit for Purpose” model and IAM/IT’s “Rule-Based” model, which represent different perspectives on what data is important, how to measure quality, and the challenge of aligning business requirements with IT requirements.

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