13 Must-Read Identity Management and Cybersecurity Articles

September 17, 2020
Must-Read Identity Management and Cybersecurity Articles

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How IAM Assessments Define Your Path to Success


13 Must-Read Identity Management and Cybersecurity Articles


How To Define Your Path To Identity Management Success via Idenhaus

A successful IAM program requires an organization to identify its long- and short-term goals, set program priorities based on value to the business, and understand the strengths and struggles of its staff and business processes.


Privacy, blockchain and the Internet of Things – Can we keep control of our own identities? via Unisa

New research from The University of South Australia indicates there are key privacy issues inherent to current blockchain platforms, suggesting greater effort should be made to refine the technology so it conforms to privacy rights and expectations.


A new enterprise blockchain features private real-life identities, but not without controversy via CoinTelegraph

A new enterprise-focused blockchain is trying to carve a spot in this competitive market by focusing on an integrated digital identity system.


The Call for Advanced Credentialing via AFCEA

The U.S. federal government needs to elevate the use of certain security measures that enable physical access to buildings—such as the common access card, or CAC—to more digitally integrated, holistic systems, experts say.


EU companies left in limbo over US data transfers via FinancialTimes

Two months after ECJ struck down Privacy Shield, activists are targeting companies for not protecting data.


Privacy Debt: The Achilles Heel Of Every IT Organization via Forbes

As privacy regulations proliferate at the state, national and international levels, the business risks posed by the mismanagement or misuse of personal data become increasingly difficult to anticipate and quantify.


Cybersecurity Leadership: The New Threat Landscape via InfoRiskToday

Disruption, distortion and deterioration - these cybersecurity threats are amplified by the ongoing pandemic. Which poses the greatest threat and why? We asked this exclusive panel of CEOs and CISOs, and their responses might surprise you.


Can local governments’ cyber flaws be fixed? via GCN

High-profile cyber incidents such as the ransomware attacks that shut down Baltimore and Atlanta have made localities more aware of the threats, but without staff and budgetary resources, their ability to take action is limited.


Cyber losses are increasing in frequency and severity via HelpNetSecurity

Cyber attacks have increased in number and severity since the onset of the pandemic. The changes organizations implemented to facilitate remote work have given cybercriminals new opportunities to launch campaigns exploiting mass uncertainty and fear.


The Interdependency of Identity Management and Zero Trust Architecture via AFCEA

Identity, once mostly an operational and user experience-driven technology, has evolved to be a core aspect of cybersecurity, verifying a user in a network or activity.


Mobile Devices Offer Promise in Identity Solutions via AFCEA

While the use of smartphones is quite common, the world of identity management has yet to fully harness mobile technologies.


What does world-class Identity Governance look like? via SecurityBoulevard

The right governance promotes productivity by eliminating barriers and seamlessly moves users and systems through checkpoints without increasing risk. IT and Security ops teams will benefit significantly from an automated program.


Mastering Identity Management: Challenges in Selecting an IAM Solution via Idenhaus

The exploding number of entrants in this market has been creating confusion among architects and buyers alike. In such a muddled market, executives are hard-pressed to sort out reality from vendor hype, and resort to product bake-offs: comparing products against long lists of features, requirements, and specifications.


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