12 Informative Identity Management Articles You Probably Missed

April 4, 2018


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Here are 12 must-read articles from mid-March and early April 2018. Enjoy!


GitHub: Our dependency scan has found 4 million security flaws in public repos via ZDNet

The code repository site says its security alerts are moving developers to patch known vulnerabilities.


Webinar - Identity & Access Management: Project Challenges and Recovery via Idenhaus

This educational session on Friday, April 20 will provide a high-level overview of core Identity Management functionality. It introduces concepts such as provisioning, self-service, business workflow integration, and resource connection.


Report: The CEO and CTO Don’t See Eye to Eye on Cybersecurity via Associations Now

The report breaks down the issues on the communication front between technical execs and the person at the top of the C-suite.


One-Third of Internal User Accounts Are 'Ghost Users' via DarkReading

Attackers and malware can easily move laterally through an organization, thanks to inadequate access controls on file systems and a proliferation of inactive but enabled users.


EU Privacy Law Ready To Collide With Blockchain Tech via CryptoDaily

Blockchain technology is in conflict with EU data protection legislation.


Olympic Destroyer: A False Flag Confusion Bomb via ThreatPost

Security experts now believe a skilled and mysterious threat actor behind the malware intended to sow confusion among those attempting to assign attribution to the attack.


How Ryder Approaches Risk Management via Idenhaus

At the recent Executive Risk Summit, Amy Wagner, Director of Risk Management at Ryder, provided insight into how the company has managed growing cyber risk.


Ransomware: What Is It And How Can You Prevent It? via PixelPrivacy

This article looks at how ransomware can hold your computing device and its files hostage, how you can prevent ransomware from attacking your computer, and what you can do if you find that your data is being held hostage.


6 Cyber Risk Insights from AIG and Axio’s Executive Risk Summit via Idenhaus

This half-day conference cited recent examples to identify these threats and shared how businesses can mitigate risk with technology, insurance, and training.


Understanding the Limitations of HTTPS via TextPlain

HTTPS is a necessary condition for secure browsing, but it is not a sufficient condition.


Why Identity and Access Management is Crucial for Digital Transformation via CSO

In this discussion of identity and access management technology and the digital ecosystem, we’re focusing on the role of the technology itself, especially innovative solutions for enabling interoperability with other parts of the ecosystem.


AT&T/Verizon lobbyists to “aggressively” sue states that enact net neutrality via ArsTechnica

State lawmakers only decided to enforce net neutrality at the local level after ISPs convinced the FCC to abandon its nationwide oversight of net neutrality.

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