12 IDM and Cybersecurity Articles You May Have Missed

August 20, 2020
IDM and cybersecurity articles

IoT Security, CPRA, ransomware, and more are featured in this digest of IDM and Cybersecurity articles. 

IDM and cybersecurity articles


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12 IDM and Cybersecurity Articles


What is the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA)? via Idenhaus

CPRA builds on CCPA, in that it would give California residents more control over their personal information on a number of fronts and create a more detailed privacy framework for businesses.


Combating Security Risks via Security Today

The following areas are considered among the highest associated with cloud computing (Cloud Security Alliance, 2020): Data breaches; Misconfiguration; Lack of cloud security architecture; Insufficient identity and access management; and Insider threat.


Is There an Optimal Identity Management Approach for Businesses? via SolutionsReview

Identity management serves as the cornerstone of all business-level cybersecurity in the modern age. In fact, some experts expressly call it the new digital perimeter. However, identity management is not a set-it-and-forget-it tool.


Security in IoT – Why It Matters via CPO Magazine

As the IoT revolution brings changes to society, it is introducing new classes of risk. It’s upon us to make sure these risks are understood and mitigated if we are to reap the full benefits of the revolution.


WiFi Evolves For The IoT via SemiEngineering

WiFi is everywhere, and it’s the most prevalent of the communication protocols that use unlicensed spectrum. But as a common protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT), it faces challenges both because of congestion and the amount of energy it consumes. Two new approaches aim to address those concerns.


20% of workers don’t follow company security policies all the time via Security Magazine

IT personnel burn a full month of work (21 days) managing Identity and Access Management (IAM) each year on mundane tasks such as resetting passwords and tracking app usage.


Securing IoT as a Remote Workforce Strategy via DarkReading

Digital transformation with Internet of Things devices offers organizations a way forward in the era of COVID-19. Optimizing this approach for the future will need to start with security.


Twitter Hack: Suspects Left Easy Trail for Investigators via BankInfoSecurity

Suspects in the epic attack against Twitter were uncovered, in part, by the use of their real photo identification for cryptocurrency accounts they used to broker the sale of stolen usernames.


Tech Leaders: 14 Ways To Help Your Team Bond With Co-Workers via Forbes

Take IT out of its silo. Borrowing from noncurrent engineering, adopt a collaborative working model where all stakeholders are involved in the development and deployment of solutions to improve outcomes.


Garmin Reportedly Paid a Ransom via BankInfoSecurity

Garmin, a fitness tracker and navigation device firm, apparently paid a ransom to recover from a July 23 security incident that encrypted several of its systems, according to two news reports as well as expert analysis.


‘Technology Laggards’: 14 Important Lessons They Can Teach Tech Leaders via Forbes

Keep an eye on the ‘canary in the coal mine.’ Technology laggards are slow to adopt, resist innovation, are skeptical and are generally price-sensitive. These traits make them the “canary in a coal mine,” letting you know that your technology—which started as a novelty—is rapidly becoming a commodity.


Why an IAM Assessment Boosts Chances of Implementation Success via Idenhaus

The starting point for building a solid Identity Management (IAM) foundation begins with an assessment that includes identifying key stakeholders, core user management processes, authoritative data sources and points of integration both from a business and a technical point of view.


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