Top 12 Trending Identity Management and Cybersecurity Articles

July 14, 2016

How many hours do you think it would take a hacker to hack your password? Did you hear about the "as bad as things get" Symantec software vulnerabilities? What about the newest exploits facing hospitals?

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Here are the top 12 trending Identity Management and Cybersecurity articles for late June/early July 2016.

Your Password Can Be Hacked in 24 Hours

Despite efforts to get users worldwide to strengthen their passwords, a recent report found that out of nearly half a million hashed passwords, 51% of them were able to be hacked within 24 hours. That’s right — just one day. Read more >>


Norton, Symantec security software riddled with critical vulnerabilities

The flaws Google’s Project Zero research team has uncovered in security software from Symantec are, in the words of Google researcher Tavis Ormandy, “as bad as things get.” Read more >>


Industrial Control Systems: Next Frontier for Cyber Attacks?

It is hard to get an accurate read on the security posture for critical ICS infrastructure today for a variety of reasons. It is not a requirement to publicly disclose a breach if and when one occurs.  Read more >>


What Is IDaaS? A CISO Clears Up Confusion Around the Definition of Cloud IAM

Identity and access management-as-a-service, also known as IDaaS or IAM, has become a hot topic among CISOs over the past few years. Alas, confusion about the cloud-based service still exists; even the most basic question is left unanswered or answered incorrectly. Read more >>


6 Stages of Network Intrusion and How to Defend Against Them

In “Disrupting Nation State Hackers,” Joyce breaks down a network intrusion by nation-state hackers into 6 key phases. He also provides tips on how defenders can prevent an attacker from transitioning from one phase to another. Read more >>


Where to Find Hard-to-Get Industrial Security Data

In the case of industrial control systems (ICS), security breach benchmarking is a challenge. This article provides a list of freely available information on the state of industrial security and provides some context for each source.Read more >>


Phishing, Whaling & The Surprising Importance Of Privileged Users

By bagging a privileged user early on, attackers can move from entry point to mission accomplished in no time at all. Read more >>


7 Steps to a Cyber-Resilient Business

Cyber security is the most prominent risk issue facing company Boards of Directors and executives worldwide. In this highly challenging environment, board members and executives are, not surprisingly, unsure of how best to protect themselves. Read more >>


IT execs have their eye on cyberthreats, but here are their blind spots

Radware recently polled 205 C-level IT executives of companies with at least $50 million in revenue to find out how they’re reacting to recent high-profile security breaches. Executives from the U.S. and U.K. were surveyed on everything from ransom attacks to hiring hackers to test their systems. Read more >>


New exploits target hospital devices, places patients at risk

A new report released by security firm TrapX on Monday highlights how this trend is becoming more and more serious, and healthcare organizations must sit up and take note of these emerging threats before it is too late. Read more >>


Organisations not reaping full benefits of forensic data analytics

As it stands, cyber security and increased regulatory scrutiny are drivers for businesses to invest in FDA tools. However, according to the researchers, broader benefits such as cost reduction are not being fully realised by organisations.  Read more >>


BONUS: 'Security' Software Wrecking Your Security Is the Ultimate Irony

If there’s anything more ironic than security software destroying one’s security, I am at a loss to offer examples. Earlier this week Tavis Ormandy, a security researcher at Google, discovered critical vulnerabilities in the entire suite of Symantec antivirus software. Read more >>


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