11 Must-Read Identity Management and Cybersecurity Articles

February 26, 2020
identity management and cybersecurity articles

identity management and cybersecurity articles

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11 Identity Management and Cybersecurity Articles, February 2020


Highlights from SailPoint Sales Kickoff 2020 #SKO2020 via Idenhaus

SailPoint shared their vision for Unstoppable Innovation with how Predictive Identity is shaping the future of security. In an era where “hackers don’t break-in, they log in,” Identity is the new firewall.


EU Representative on 'How to operationalize Article 27' of the GDPR via IAPP

The EU General Data Protection Regulation requires organizations based outside of the European Union but subject to the GDPR to appoint an EU representative. What does this mean in practice?


Is Blockchain a Cure for Healthcare Data Breaches? via TechHQ

Blockchain experimentation is rife across almost every industry and use case imaginable, and with the data security situation in the healthcare sector bleak, the industry is exploring how the distributed ledger technology (DLT) could add layers of protection and efficiency, as more sensitive data must be handled day-to-day.


5 Final Thoughts on Gartner IAM 2019 via Idenhaus

Now that we have had some time to reflect on the conference as a whole, I wanted to share a few more takeaways from Gartner IAM 2019.


Embracing a Prevention Mindset to Protect Critical Infrastructure via DarkReading

As we enter the next decade, executive leadership for critical infrastructure organizations must take a hard look at their existing IT systems, their security practices, and, most importantly, their attitudes toward how they approach cybersecurity.


Balancing The Act Of Agility And Security In Healthcare via DataEconomy

One of the most important transitions for healthcare systems is the leap to the cloud, as organizations seek to become more ‘agile’ in order to adapt quickly to changing demands. Traditionally, organizations have been tied to one data center; being unable to diversify means if one area goes down, the whole network goes down.


How To Secure Funding for your Identity Management Program via Idenhaus

One challenge almost all IT organizations face is how to get funding to build and mature their Identity Management (IAM) solution. While the technical ins and outs are well understood by IT departments, there is often a gap communicating the promise of IAM to business stakeholders in terms that are compelling.


Protecting Patient Data through Stringent Access Rights Management via OpenAccessGovernment

Here are four simple steps healthcare administrators can follow to keep track of their organisations through a controlled assignment of access rights.


New Account Risk Assessment: Digital Identities Are the Key via ThePaypers

Financial Institutions (FI) are looking for solutions to help more seamlessly and effectively conduct identity verification at onboarding. 88% of FI fraud executives surveyed indicate that improving the customer onboarding experience is a key business case driver.


Cybersecurity Pros Offer Their 2020 Predictions for Healthcare via HealthcareITNews

Ransomware "will continue to be the biggest issue," says one expert – but a troubling new trend of attacking automatic software and firmware update systems is another area for concern.



Using Systems Thinking to Handle Errors In Your IAM Solution  via Idenhaus

The real value of Systems Thinking emerges when used as a holistic perspective on your HR processes and IAM systems. It allows us to pinpoint the root cause of the actual problem, while also understanding the extended context that surrounds it.


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