11 Identity and Cloud Security Articles, October 2020

October 29, 2020
identity and cloud security articles

identity and cloud security articles

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11 Identity and Cloud Security Articles


3 Areas of Legal Exposure After a Security Breach via Idenhaus

Data security is now a top concern for both general counsel and corporate directors. In this tumultuous environment, it’s important to know what your legal exposure is so you can take steps to limit risks.


Ransomware: How It Has Evolved to Be Faster, Stealthier, and Strike Harder via F5

We’ve finally reached the boiling point with ransomware attacks. It’s gone from being a nuisance to a significant financial burden as well as a mortal threat to our critical infrastructure.


NSA publishes list of top vulnerabilities currently targeted by Chinese hackers via ZDNet

NSA urges US public and private sector to apply patches or mitigations to prevent attacks.


Mythbusters: Three Misconceptions About Zero Trust via Infosecurity Magazine

Over the years this definition of Zero Trust has shifted, with vendors overusing the phrase and muddying the waters. So, what’s the key to achieving perfect Zero Trust? The first step is putting to rest common misconceptions that have come to light over the years.


The anatomy of an endpoint attack via HelpNet Security

A lot has changed across the cybersecurity threat landscape in the last decade, but one thing has remained the same: the endpoint is under siege.


When Do We Trust AI’s Recommendations More Than People’s? via HBR

When do consumers trust the word of a machine, and when do they resist it? Our research suggests that the key factor is whether consumers are focused on the functional and practical aspects of a product (its utilitarian value) or focused on the experiential and sensory aspects of a product (its hedonic value).


Why Observability Is the Next Big Thing in Security via DZone

"Without pre-existing observability of your application security, any cloud transformation and especially moves into cloud native environments can be significantly more challenging."


The 5 principles of zero-trust security via TechTarget

Zero trust is a journey, not a destination. Ensure your corporate network is safe from internal and external threats by implementing these five principles of zero-trust security.


What’s New In Gartner’s Hype Cycle For Cloud Security, 2020 via Forbes

Enterprises who have successfully integrated cloud security into their broader enterprise cloud strategy are ahead of their peers in three key areas.


IBM Security Study Finds Employees New to Working from Home Pose Security Risk via IBM

The study shows more than 80% of respondents either rarely worked from home or not at all prior to the pandemic, and, in turn, more than half are now doing so with no new security policies to help guide them.


Disaster-Proof Identity Management: Start with a Strong Foundation via Idenhaus

In the end, most IAM projects fall short because they fail to follow a disciplined process that drives out all the relevant details.


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