11 Healthcare Cybersecurity Articles You May Have Missed

September 1, 2020
11 Healthcare Cybersecurity Articles You May Have Missed

11 Healthcare Cybersecurity Articles You May Have Missed

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11 Healthcare Cybersecurity Articles You May Have Missed


The 10 riskiest Internet of Things devices in health care via HospitalHealth

The adoption of IoT systems within the healthcare sector is growing and, with this transformation, so is the cybersecurity risk. The riskiest healthcare device is pneumatic tube systems. This IoT device, although often considered an ancient solution, is still widespread in hospitals.


CIO Crossroads: Federal IT in the COVID Crisis – HHS Edition via MeriTalk

The CIO-level effort involved additions of data circuits, big jumps in VPN capacity, firewall upgrades, and a transition to 95 percent telework on the day after one of the largest cyber assaults the agency has ever seen.


Key Needs for a Resilient Healthcare Information Security Program via HealthIT Security

As employees remain one of the biggest risks to an organization’s information security program, administrators will need to employ ongoing and evolving education for employees or they won’t be able to keep pace with the latest security trends and risks.


Study Reveals Increase in Credential Theft via Spoofed Login Pages via HIPAA Journal

More than 50,000 fake login pages were identified with over 200 brands spoofed. The login pages are added to compromised websites and other attacker-controlled domains and closely resemble the genuine login pages used by those brands.


Your Patient Is Logging on Now: The Risks and Benefits of Telehealth in the Future of Healthcare via TheDoctors

Telemedicine is here to stay, but exactly how it will be incorporated into evolving community standards of care is the question driving discussion and argument within many specialties.


Health passports, distancing tools among COVID-19 tech climbing Gartner Hype Cycle via HealthcareIT News

Several pandemic-era technologies will reach the fabled Plateau of Productivity sooner than other emerging innovations approaching the peak of the curve, such as digital twins, data fabric and SASE network architecture, researchers say.


Nurses 2.0 - The digital transformation of nursing via HealthcareIT News

With the recent growth of digitalization, nurses and midwives are continuing to lead the digital transition and using informatics to improve patient care.


Healthcare Industry Sees Respite From Attacks in First Half of 2020 via DarkReading

"What we are seeing in the breach portal does not feel very consistent with the disruption of sending people home to work, adding a lot of IoT, connecting a lot of new medical devices, and connecting to a lot of new suppliers because you can't get an adequate supply of PPE," DeFord says. "There are a lot of things in there that lead us to believe that there should be more cybercrime and more breaches than are being reported."


3 ways health information exchanges have ushered in a new era by evolving their business models via FierceHealthcare

Here are three examples of how HIEs have advanced and evolved their business models in recent years to transform raw clinical data into valuable information services to help customers improve care quality.


Partner Breach? Steps to Protect Your Own Organization via HealthcareIT Today

The ever-growing list of hospitals and health systems attacked in 2020 is staggering, and at least one system – The University of California San Francisco – paid hackers a $1.14 million ransom to unlock its medical school computer systems.


Cybersecurity Incident Response: Everything You Need To Know via Idenhaus

Incident response, which is one of the most critical domains of cybersecurity, begins with a proactive strategy and well-defined processes to deal with a security incident.



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