10 Must-Read Identity Management Articles

March 15, 2017

Top Stories on Digital Transformation, Identity Management, Data Privacy, and more.

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1. Identity & Access Management — 2017 Security 100: 15 Coolest Identity Management And Data Protection Vendors via CRN

This year's CRN Security 100 list includes 15 identity and access management and data protection companies.


2. Insider Threats — How To Protect Your Business Against Insider Threats – The Essential Guide via OnionID

Internal individuals were responsible for 43% of all serious data breaches experienced by their businesses.


3. Industrial IoT — The digital transformation of industrial organizations via TechTarget

The process of digital transformation looks very different at an industrial company versus a pure technology company.


4. Cybersecurity — How the DOT discovered its network was compromised by shadow IT via CSO

Because of the network's "flat" design - the product of an ad hoc development with no overarching architecture - an intrusion into a low-risk corner of the network could afford access to mission-critical areas.


5. Data Privacy — Subtle signs an employee’s smartphone has been hacked via CSC

Here are three ways to tell when a smartphone may be under attack.


6. Cyber Threats — 80% Of Web Applications Contain At Least One Security Bug via Dark Reading

With an average of 45 vulnerabilities per application: 55% are affected by cross-site request forgery and 37% suffered from security misconfiguration.


7. Identity & Access Management — Secure Azure AD Using Identity Protection via Petri

Microsoft claims that 60% of all successful attacks rely on compromised credentials, so extra care needs to be taken to protect user identities in Active Directory.


8. Information Security — 12 Key Findings from “The Global State of Information Security”  via Idenhaus

Here are 12 key findings from PwC’s The Global State of Information Security Survey 2017.


9. Expert Insight — Top Atlanta Cybersecurity CEOs Spotlight 2017 Trends via Hanno Ekdahl

Did you know the State of Georgia has more than 115 information security companies that generate over $4.7 billion in annual revenue?


10. Spotlight Video — Hacker Shows How Easy It Is To Hack People While Walking Around in Public via The Hacker News

An interesting attack scenario has recently been demonstrated by one of the renowned hackers, Jayson Street, who said all it is needed is to walk around with the right device to get into someone's device.


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