10 Must-Read Identity Management & Data Breach Articles, September 2017

September 27, 2017

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Here are the top Cybersecurity and Access Management articles from September 2017. Enjoy!


Digital transformation: how boards can weather the storm  via BoardAgenda

Digitalisation is a challenging reality for boards, which are about to navigate what may be the most challenging weathers faced to date.


45 Things You Should Know About Blockchain  via Brian Colwell

Blockchain has been one of the most awe-inspiring innovations since the Internet came into existence.


Colossal Equifax Data Breach Is Ominous Warning for Corporations via Idenhaus

The massive scope of the Equifax data breach is almost as horrifying as the confidential personal data that was exposed.


3 Ways Identity and Access Management Makes Agencies More Efficient and Secure  via FedTech

To defend against the threats, some agencies are moving away from department-based, stove-piped systems toward identity and access management.


What is NoOps and Is It Real? via caTechnologies

Is NoOps the logical conclusion of DevOps and what does this mean for software development and IT operations?


10 Challenges IAM Governance Teams Help Organizations Overcome via Idenhaus

Governance frameworks are necessary to deliver on the promise of IAM to support business users’ access needs consistently.


Identity data in the world of GDPR via CSOOnline

CIAM systems can be configured to help to get your organization within the compliance zone of GDPR and other privacy-based regulations.


Avoid this Crippling Multi-Factor Authentication Security Mistake via Idenhaus

The MFA concept is fairly straightforward; however, the challenge is getting all your users’ phone numbers collected and making sure they are accurate.


Privileged Access Management & Equifax: 5 Deadly Sins via CreditUnionTimes

The veiled cause for many breaches making headlines, according to cybersecurity insiders, is misuse and abuse of privileged accounts.


Equifax: America’s In-Credible Insecurity – Part One via ICIT

A catastrophic breach of Equifax’s systems was inevitable because of systemic organizational disregard for cybersecurity and cyber-hygiene best practices, as well as Equifax’s reliance on unqualified executives for information security.

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