10 IAM and Cybersecurity Articles, February 2020

February 12, 2020
IAM and cybersecurity articles

IAM and cybersecurity articles

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10 IAM & Cybersecurity Articles, February 2020


5 Final Thoughts on Gartner IAM 2019 via Idenhaus

The biggest takeaway from Gartner IAM 2019 is that the Identity and Access Management Industry needs to change the conversation to be more focused on the value of the assets we are asked to protect.


The Benefits of Identity Management for Healthcare Businesses via SolutionsReview

Identity Management for healthcare businesses offers not only an opportunity to fortify IT infrastructures. It can also help ensure compliance, specifically with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and with the user experience.


Welcome to the World, NIST Privacy Framework 1.0! via NIST

Through roughly a year of open collaboration with stakeholders from across government, academia, and industry, we have worked to craft and hone a tool to help organizations better identify, prioritize, and manage privacy risks to protect individuals’ privacy.


How To Secure Funding for your Identity Management Program via Idenhaus

One challenge almost all IT organizations face is how to get funding to build and mature their Identity Management (IAM) solution. While the technical ins and outs are well understood by IT departments, there is often a gap communicating the promise of IAM to business stakeholders in terms that are compelling.


Building A Pentest Program To Prevent A Data Breach via Forbes

Pentesting can reveal weaknesses in infrastructure and applications, demonstrate the success of effective security controls, elucidate potential attack pathways and provide quality assurance.


Survey Finds Federal Agencies Embracing Zero-Trust Security Model via FedScoop

Nearly half of federal government IT executives in a new survey said their agencies are moving away from traditional network perimeter defense tactics and taking steps to adopt identity-centered, or zero-trust, security strategies to protect their digital resources.


Evaluating Cyber Readiness, Vulnerabilities with Pen Testing via HealthITSecurity

Once a healthcare organization has built what it feels is a strong defense and security program, security leaders can look to third-party vendor penetration testing to evaluate its cyber readiness.


Ransomware Targeting Health Systems in More 'Sophisticated' Ways via Modern Healthcare

Sometimes, ransomware can feel like the flu. As soon as hospitals find a defense, a new and more sophisticated version appears—making it difficult for hospital leaders to keep up.


FDA: Possible Cybersecurity Issues With Certain Patient Monitoring Devices via MPR

The FDA has issued a safety communication informing healthcare providers, facilities, and patients about cybersecurity vulnerabilities associated with certain GE Healthcare Clinical Information Central Stations and Telemetry Servers.


Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and Systems Thinking  via Idenhaus

Successful RBAC implementation requires a variety of principles and tools to analyze access, identify patterns, and change the processes and systems to automate the assignment of core user privileges.


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