10 Healthcare Identity and Cybersecurity Articles, June 2020

June 23, 2020
10 Healthcare Identity and Cybersecurity Articles

Edge Computing, EHR Overhaul, IGA, and Telehealth headline this week's Healthcare Identity and Cybersecurity news digest. 

10 Healthcare Identity and Cybersecurity Articles

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10 Healthcare Identity and Cybersecurity Articles


It’s Time for a New Kind of Electronic Health Record via Harvard Business Review

An overhaul of the electronic health record is overdue. The overhaul must support the ability of providers to adopt the new value-based-care business model of health care — one that rewards providers for outcomes rather than the volume of services and that shifts their focus from reactive sick care to the proactive management of health.


16 Tech Experts Weigh In On The Potential Of Edge Computing via Forbes

In this article, Hanno Ekdahl shares how Edge Computing enables better healthcare outcomes through wearable data collection.


The potential security crisis presented by rapid telehealth rollouts via HealthcareITNews

The COVID-19 pandemic has provoked an unprecedented upswing in the use of telehealth technologies. But security experts say that rise presents vulnerabilities – and the crisis is "blood in the water" for cybercriminals.


Babylon Health App Leaked Patients’ Video Consultations via TripWire

Babylon Health, makers of a smartphone app that allows Brits to have consultations with NHS doctors, has admitted that a “software error” resulted in some users being able to access other patients’ private video chats with GPs.


A Tale of 2 Health Data Breaches: Persistent Challenges via HealthcareInfosecurity

Two recently reported health data breaches illustrate persistent security challenges - defending against ransomware attacks as well as unauthorized access to email - that sometimes can expose years' worth of data.


Telehealth Is Just Healthcare Now – One Post-COVID Certainty, Three Reports via HealthPopuli

In light of these continuing concerns in the pandemic, most consumers said it would be important (moderately or extremely) for health care providers to manage consumers’ risks in seeking care for non-emergency health issues.


Healthcare CISOs Share COVID-19 Response Stories via DarkReading

Cybersecurity leaders discussed the threats and challenges that arose during the pandemic, and how they responded, during a virtual roundtable.


Current Telehealth Systems Are Not Enterprise Ready via David Chou

Current telehealth solutions are missing the opportunity with interoperability. Next-generation telemedicine solution must provide a mobile-first experience with similar interoperability features in the retail world.


How Identity Governance Administration (IGA) Helps Protect Intellectual Property via Idenhaus

Identity Governance Administration (IGA) solutions are designed to evaluate and enforce security policies to manage user access and protect sensitive information. 


Hanno Ekdahl, CEO of Idenhaus Consulting, accepted into Forbes Technology Council via PRWeb

Hanno Ekdahl, CEO of Idenhaus Consulting, an award-winning Cybersecurity services firm, has been accepted into Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs, and technology executives.



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