10 Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Articles, March 2021

March 25, 2021
10 Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Articles, March 2021

Identity-in-depth, data protection, and RDP attacks headline this week's digest of Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Articles.

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10 Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Articles, March 2021


Identity-in-Depth: A Multi-layered Approach to Secure Cloud Identity via Idenhaus

In this article, we discuss the components of Identity-in-Depth, what happens when an identity is compromised, and the defensive strategy to apply in such situations.


Microsoft investigating security groups for leaks to hackers via FinancialTimes (Subscription Required)

Microsoft is investigating whether security companies that it works with leaked details that aided cyber attackers.


Ransomware attacks in manufacturing tripled in 2020 via Silicon Republic

Ransomware attacks on OT systems have the potential to inflict far more damage than a regular IT system because they can impact critical products and services on a large scale. This creates a greater incentive for cybercriminals, making OT systems a more attractive target.


Why Data Privacy Should Be on President Biden's Agenda for His First 100 Days via Dark Reading

The new administration is in an excellent position to make significant progress on data privacy -- not just because it's needed, but also because it's time.


Va. becomes second state with consumer data protection law via Virginia Business

The act, which was passed by the General Assembly last month, would let consumers receive copies of their online data, amend or delete that data, and opt out of allowing big businesses to use the data for marketing or other purposes. It would take effect on Jan. 1, 2023.


OWASP Top Ten Security Vulnerabilities To Look After via Hackernoon

The top 10 security risks were driven from the collected data, vulnerability, and prioritized according to this prevalence data from hundreds of organizations and 100k+ applications and API.


How to save your business from ransomware attacks via ITP

We ask security experts what businesses must do to defend against ransomware attacks and how to recover if all else fails.


Forrester: Vaccination Passports Can Present Legal, Privacy, Cyber, And Compliance Risk via MyTechDecisions

A new report from the research firm suggests digital vaccination passports in the workplace can present significant risk.


RDP Attacks Persist Near Record Levels in 2021 via Dark Reading

Hastily implemented and configured RDPs in many organizations have played a role in driving this type of attack, says Namestnikova. The attack vector, already popular, has become even more accessible in terms of the number of users and level of security.


Why Defense-in-Depth Is Critical to Cybersecurity Strategy via Idenhaus

To prevent technology overload, security leaders must take a defense-in-depth approach and develop a clear, strategic plan based on business needs that addresses each layer of the security onion. By beginning with the business needs—not the technology needs—CISOs can focus their efforts on creating a well-defined, comprehensive strategy before speaking to vendors.


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