Why Identity Management Success Depends on Good Data Quality

November 2, 2017

It has been said that IT systems are a lot like the Old Testament, lots of rules and no mercy!

Identity Management solutions are no different because they process data according to defined rules that grant and revoke user access to the network and key applications. If there is bad data in the IAM system, users cannot get the access they need to be productive.

Let’s walk through a brief example: We hire a new user and enter their name and other personal information into our HR system, but the assigned manager is incorrect. The HR system sends the employee data over to the IAM solution to create the new employee user. However, because the manager field is wrong, all the user’s requests - access requests, expense reports, time sheets - are routed to the wrong person. This delays access, creates additional work for the IT operations team, and reduces productivity across the organization.

The key takeaway is that accurate data enables your Identity & Access Management system to function properly, making IT operations efficient and users productive. Bad data quality simply produces bad results faster. Poor data quality offers no mercy!

Data quality problems can be mitigated with the right effort. Is your organization willing to invest the time and resources necessary to get the data right up front?

Learn more about how data quality can make or break your IAM project in our Slideshare below.




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