Understanding Common IDM Implementation Pitfalls

October 31, 2019
Understanding Common IDM Implementation Pitfalls

Hanno Ekdahl shares common IDM Implementation Pitfalls that organizations should avoid if they want a successful IDM launch, the first time around.


Did you know that over 50 percent of IDM projects fail the first time around?

While Identity Management solutions offer a large range of benefits for organizations, the implementation of these solutions presents greater challenges than most organizations realize. In this video, Hanno Ekdahl shares common IDM implementation pitfalls so you can begin your project with eyes wide open and avoid these landmines. 

Here are 5 common IDM implementation pitfalls that are addressed in this video:

The best way to avoid these problems is with an Identity and Access Management Roadmap. Watch our previous video to learn how an IAM Roadmap can help ensure your IDM implementation is a win for the entire organization: Developing an IAM Roadmap Sets You on the Path to Success.


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