Legacy Systems and Ransomware: A Healthcare Story

June 14, 2022

While it can still feel much like the wild, wild west in the fringes of the internet, and in some aspects of healthcare, the reality is that much of the best new medical technology we are seeing has been developed using the current software available. Now, as that tech ages, it can be much easier for a hacker to crack that legacy system and gain access to valuable patient data. While most healthcare systems are trying to keep their technology updated, it can feel much like running through mud- a lot of effort to go a very small way. So, how can IAM and cybersecurity professionals help the healthcare sector best? Let's dive into it this week in the Idenhaus Healthcare digest.

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Legacy Systems: Working, Until They Aren't


Ransomware, Devices and the Impact in Healthcare via BankInfoSecurity Magazine

In this interview, Greg Murphy, CEO of Ordr, says there are three topics healthcare senior leaders and board members keep asking about: ransomware, ransomware … and ransomware. Idenhaus couldn't agree more at the moment, Let's see how healthcare is handling their biggest threats, and how they plan to keep ahead of those threats in the future.

Healthcare Boards Must Be Accountable For Cybersecurity via Forbes

Life in an earthquake zone depends upon proper foundations. Really, cybersecurity is no different. For Healthcare Delivery Organizations, you should look to have a solid foundation built on three organizational pillars: accountable board and executive leadership, an integrated cyber and enterprise risk program, and a proactive board governance and oversight process.

How the Healthcare Sector Is Battling Top Threats via BankInfoSecurity Magazine

While ransomware, third-party risk, phishing scams and insiders continue as the top threats facing healthcare and public health entities, the sector overall is becoming better prepared to deal with these issues than it was just a few years ago. Let's look at how healthcare is overcoming the ransomware waves, and how to plan for a cyber-secure future.

Why FDA's Medical Device Cyber Recommendations 'Have Teeth' via HealthcareInfoSecurity Magazine

The inclusion of a new secure product development framework for manufacturers is a significant addition to recently updated Food and Drug Administration draft guidance for the cybersecurity of premarket medical devices. Though the draft is set to be published as "nonbinding" the draft does seem to have plenty of incentives to keep medical device makers in line.

Policy vs Standards vs Procedures via Idenhaus

What difference does a policy make to an organization's cybersecurity? How effective is a policy versus a Standard or a procedure? How can these terms, which seem so simple, have so much to do with cybersecurity? Let's take a look into the differences between what makes a policy vs a standard vs a procedure. Still confused? Talk to Idenhaus today to clear it all up: You can schedule some time with one of our experts here.

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