Identity and Orchestration, New Cybersecurity Amendments in New York, and More

October 6, 2022

We've said it before and we'll say it again - cybersecurity is made up of all the different people who use it, and sometimes even those who abuse it. This week we want to again highlight the role that insider threats can play on your organization's cybersecurity. While the ransomware trend overall seems to be holding steady for 2022, the trend for BEC seems to be trending upwards int he 2023 forecast. While this isn't to say that someone WILL click that fishy link, or use their organization's email in a form-fill of a suspicious website. It isn't always malicious actions of an insider that threats your company- it's the inadvertent click of a SMS phishing text or suspicious email link that can lead a threat right into the heart of your business.

How can you keep those sort of things from happening? A good cybersecurity plan already in place and up-to-date software is a good start! The best way is to continuously train your people. Cybersecurity is about protecting data, at the core, but also about keeping the people who use technology safe from those who would do harm with it. What harm they can do can be mitigated with the right RBAC and IAM in place- but could just as easily be stopped by an alert employee who knows what they should and shouldn't be clicking on.

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The Emerging Role Of Orchestration In Identity Management via Forbes

 In today's complex architectures, identity orchestration can pave the way to providing secure, transparent access to resources that span both the cloud and legacy environments. However, there's growing confusion over what is and what isn't orchestration. Let's dig into the realities of identity, orchestration, and the needs of the two. 

New York State’s Department of Financial Services Issues Five New Cybersecurity Amendments via EisnerAmper

Following an increase in ransomware attacks, the New York State Department of Financial Services, which oversees regulation for financial services and products totaling over $8.8 trillion, has issued five new amendments to the Part 500 Cybersecurity regulations for Class A companies. Let's see what they have in store for your organization.

Introducing Financial Quantification for Enterprise Cyber Risk via SecurityBoulevard

How can you financially quantify Enterprise-level cyber risk? Let's dive into the specifics of a weighty topic, one that has bearings on every industry out there. What do you think your cyber risk will cost you?

Sophisticated Covert Cyberattack Campaign Targets Military Contractors via DarkReading

A cyberattack campaign, potentially bent on cyber espionage, is highlighting the increasingly sophisticated nature of cyberthreats targeting defense contractors in the US and elsewhere. Let's take a closer look, and then buckle up our own cybersecurity.

Defining Waterfall vs. Agile vs. Hybrid Sprinting Project Management Methodology via Idenhaus

While we usually talk more about IAM management than project management, it is no less important to have your projects properly managed than it is to have a cybersecurity plan. Let's discuss the different methodologies: Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid. Want to know how to put this to use in your cybersecurity? Talk to Idenhaus’ experts today!

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