Idenhaus Biweekly: Systems Thinking, Neglecting IGA, and Healthcare Cybersecurity

August 14, 2019
Idenhaus Biweekly

Idenhaus Biweekly

Thanks for reading the Idenhaus Identity Mangement & Cybersecurity biweekly news digest. Every two weeks, we curate a selection of informative IAM, Identity Governance, Identity Management & Cybersecurity articles. Be sure to check out our new resources section with on-demand webinars, case studies, and educational videos.

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Security Thought of the Week

An organization can only take so much change at any one point in time, so you want to make sure that your change is very focused on discrete groups.

You roll out your IAM solution on a group-by-group basis. You get those small wins under your belt because that's what starts to give your project that forward momentum.

The executive team starts to understand it, and as you get further along the individual business owners buy in and start to feel a sense of security. It starts to change the culture.

7 Must-Read Articles on IAM, Identity Governance, and Healthcare Cybersecurity


Using Systems Thinking to Handle Errors In Your IAM Solution via Idenhaus

While traditional analysis focuses on the individual parts of the solution, like the HRIS system and the IAM system, Systems Thinking takes a broader view on how the individual parts interact with each other to help identify the cause of a problem.


With warshipping, hackers ship their exploits directly to their target’s mail room via TechCrunch

This newly named technique — dubbed “warshipping” — is not a new concept. Just think of the traditional Trojan horse rolling into the city of Troy, or when hackers drove up to TJX stores and stole customer data by breaking into the store’s Wi-Fi network. But security researchers at IBM’s X-Force Red say it’s a novel and effective way for an attacker to gain an initial foothold on a target’s network.


Solving Healthcare Cybersecurity Challenges via Identity Management Institute

In 2016, healthcare organizations were using less than 6% of their budgets for cybersecurity. This lack of investment is likely a major contributor to the massive number of attacks the industry has experienced in recent years.


Why Do So Many Enterprises Neglect Identity Governance? via Solutions Review

Many enterprises fail to understand what identity governance can offer them and their cybersecurity. Neglect of identity governance often results from a failure to understand significant potential gaps in enterprise cybersecurity.


What Capital One's Cybersecurity Team Did (and Did Not) Get Right via Cyberscoop

Companies with a large IT footprint like Capital One are realizing that as they move to the cloud, their IT teams are stuck with trying to mix security with inventory management.


GDPR is an identity thief's dream ticket to Europeans' data via TheRegister

When Europe introduced the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) it was supposed to be a major step forward in data safety, but sloppy implementation and a little social engineering can make it heaven for identity thieves.


Why Workarounds Are IAM’s Silent Killer  via Idenhaus

When it comes to Identity & Access Management, the fewer workarounds your organization has, the more mature your IAM program.


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Idenhaus-Case Study-Bell-Powers-Ahead-IAM-Assessment


NEW CASE STUDY: Bell Textron, Inc needed a new approach to mature its IGA framework to improve efficiency and support its security objectives. Download the Bell case study here.


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