Idenhaus Biweekly: Healthcare IAM, Access Control, and Privacy

June 19, 2019


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One Year Later: How GDPR Continues to Change the Privacy World via Idenhaus

The GDPR and future privacy laws aren’t just enforcing these rules as a show of power. Rather, they’re supporting company-consumer relationships for what is fast becoming a way of life.


The State of Patient Identity Management: 2019 Survey Results Report via BankInfoSecurity

Download the survey executive report to learn more about best practices in Patient Identity Management, how your organization compares to these standards, and which tools, skills and partnerships healthcare entities are investing in to improve Patient Identity Management in 2019.


Access Control Should Always be the First Layer of Security via SecurityMagazine

Access control solutions provide the basis for layered security solutions that do far more than simply allow electronic access using credentials.


House votes to lift ban on federal funding for unique patient identifier via FierceHealthcare

Many health IT leaders see the investigation and creation of unique patient identifiers as critical to solving issues with patient matching and potentially minimizing misidentification and medical errors.


We Read 150 Privacy Policies. They Were an Incomprehensible Disaster. via NYTimes

The issue of inadequate patient matching and duplicate records has grown increasingly complex as more data is generated and more applications are introduced into the healthcare environment.


Mastering Identity Management: Keep Your Friends Close and Your Stakeholders Closer  via Idenhaus

Stakeholders are an important asset and are critical to the success of your Identity and Access Management program. Few IT projects have such far-reaching scope as Identity Management (IAM) engagements, touching stakeholders across all business domains.


Role Based Access Control Best Practices [Webinar] via Idenhaus

In this webinar on July 18, 2019, we will walk through our RBAC methodology, discuss lessons learned, and share best practices that you can employ in your organization. Space is limited!


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