Identity Management: Managing User Access Across the Worker Lifecycle

November 27, 2019
Identity Management Managing User Access Across the Worker Lifecycle

Nicole Keaton Hart and Hanno Ekdahl discuss managing user access across the worker lifecycle. 

While many organizations focus on tapping into the power of Identity Management during the onboarding and creation of a worker, they frequently overlook the complexity of managing user access when a worker makes lateral moves across the organization.

In this video, Hanno Ekdahl and Nicole Keaton Hart take a look at user access management across a worker's lifecycle, specifically "in the middle" when workers may change departments, roles, or locations in the organization.

Hanno and Nicole provide expert insight on:

  • Managing user access when workers change departments or roles
  • Why handoffs in worker transition are critical
  • How role based access control can help automate user management

Nicole Keaton Hart is an Idenhaus Board Member. She has served as a fractional CxO in Financial Services, Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail and Health IT industries as Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Information Officer, and Chief Strategist.

Read more about managing employee and user access:


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