Developing an IAM Roadmap Sets You on the Path to Success

October 17, 2019
developing an IAM Roadmap

Hanno Ekdahl discusses how developing an IAM Roadmap helps organizations mitigate risks to get IAM done right, the first time. 

Developing an IAM roadmap is an important first step in helping your organization reap the full benefits of its Identity & Access Management investment, as well as driving organizational understanding and support. While many organizations do a good job of laying out their technical requirements, too often they fail to link their implementations to business outcomes and fail to build the right IAM foundation to solve the organization’s most pressing business problems. As such, they are unable to demonstrate sufficient value to the business and struggle to implement their programs.

In this video, Hanno Ekdahl discusses how developing an IAM Roadmap helps organizations:

  • Mitigate risk in IAM projects
  • Tie business drivers to technical requirements
  • Align processes and understand bottlenecks across business units
  • Engage stakeholders early and often, which leads to organizational buy-in

More importantly, developing an IAM Roadmap helps IT departments secure funding to undertake an Identity & Access Management program. If you are new to getting an IAM program funded, you may not feel comfortable talking to executives about the value the program brings to the organization. You may even think that a single meeting with your executive team will be enough to pitch the idea and get your budget approved on the spot. Time for a reality check!

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Secure Funding for your IAM Program


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