Building a Culture of Cybersecurity with Strategies for Training and Awareness

Building a Culture of Cybersecurity: Strategies for Training and Awareness Written by TJ Rubeck In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, employees are often considered the weakest link in cybersecurity. Attackers often target human vulnerabilities through social engineering attacks, phishing, or other related threats. The increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks have made one thing […]

Are You Maximizing Your IAM Investment? 

By Sandhya Sukumar  In this era of evolving cyber threats, strengthening the IAM space is the top security goal for every organization. When IT leaders contemplate IAM solutions, their primary concern is alignment – ensuring that the IAM strategy not only addresses current cyber threats but also seamlessly aligns with compliance goals, budget constraints, and […]

What’s the Big Idea: Identity Management Projects that Deliver

What’s the Big Idea: Identity Management Projects that Deliver   By Hanno Ekdahl In the intricate tapestry of modern business, Identity Management (IDM) emerges as a critical thread, weaving together security, efficiency, and user experience. Identity management projects are not mere technical endeavors; they are strategic initiatives that demand a harmonious blend of design, technology, and […]

Hidden Dangers: Why Your Organization’s Cybersecurity Posture is Delusional

In today’s digital world, organizations rely on technology to conduct their operations efficiently. However, this rapid digital transformation has also opened up new avenues for cyber threats. While many organizations invest in cybersecurity measures, there is a pervasive overconfidence about the maturity of their actual cybersecurity posture. In this blog, we will shed light on […]

Decentralized Identity and the Revolution of Web 3.0

How Decentralized Identity Will Revolutionize Web 3.0 Written by Ronald Bowron I recently attended the Gartner IAM Summit 2023 and was somewhat surprised at how much attention is now being paid to Decentralized Identity.  I am surprised because it’s been quite some time since the Sovrin Foundation, founded in 2016, has called for this new […]

GartnerIAM 2023: How to be Successful with Privileged Access Management

GartnerIAM 2023: How to be successful with Privileged Access Management By Hanno Ekdahl Idenhaus attended this Gartner session on privileged access management (PAM) led by Felix Gaehtens, and it was an excellent primer on how to think about privileged accounts, access management/controls around those accounts, how to approach a PAM implementation, and the continuous commitment […]

Making the Case for Zero Trust

What Is Perimeter Security? Before Zero Trust, most organizations relied on corporate-issued devices running on the local network. Most IT security models were based on protecting an internal, trusted network that was connected to an external, untrusted network. This security model is referred to as ‘perimeter security’ and it is a style of defense much […]

Why Every Organization Needs Information Security Policies

Information Securities Policies

According to a study conducted by the University of Maryland, hackers are attacking computers connected to the Internet every 39 seconds, with online computers attacked on average 2,244 times a day. As the Worldwide Information Security Market is forecast to reach 170.4 billion in 2022 (Gartner), it is now not a question of “If” an […]