Unprepared and Vulnerable: Understanding Disaster Recovery Planning, Risks, DRaaS, and the Benefits of In-House Solutions


Unprepared and Vulnerable: Understanding Disaster Recovery Planning, Risks, DRaaS, and the Benefits of In-House Solutions   By Sandhya Sukumar    Along with the risks of natural disasters, human errors, hardware, and infrastructure failures, one can consider “cyberattacks” as one of the top risks that an organization must prepare for.  Hence, Disaster Recovery planning is essential […]

Are You Maximizing Your IAM Investment? 

By Sandhya Sukumar  In this era of evolving cyber threats, strengthening the IAM space is the top security goal for every organization. When IT leaders contemplate IAM solutions, their primary concern is alignment – ensuring that the IAM strategy not only addresses current cyber threats but also seamlessly aligns with compliance goals, budget constraints, and […]

Building Cyber Resilience

By Sandhya Sukumar  Organization leaders worldwide are increasingly aware that one single cybersecurity solution does not exist to tackle today’s sophisticated and rapidly evolving cybercrimes. Even with strengthened defenses, threat actors can find weaknesses and vulnerabilities to infiltrate a company’s network and IT Infrastructure. Moreover, modern IT infrastructures are complex, interconnected ecosystems involving multiple organizations […]

What’s the Big Idea: Identity Management Projects that Deliver

What’s the Big Idea: Identity Management Projects that Deliver   By Hanno Ekdahl In the intricate tapestry of modern business, Identity Management (IDM) emerges as a critical thread, weaving together security, efficiency, and user experience. Identity management projects are not mere technical endeavors; they are strategic initiatives that demand a harmonious blend of design, technology, and […]

Hidden Dangers: Why Your Organization’s Cybersecurity Posture is Delusional

In today’s digital world, organizations rely on technology to conduct their operations efficiently. However, this rapid digital transformation has also opened up new avenues for cyber threats. While many organizations invest in cybersecurity measures, there is a pervasive overconfidence about the maturity of their actual cybersecurity posture. In this blog, we will shed light on […]

Five Cybersecurity Quick Wins

Five Cybersecurity Quick Wins   Cybersecurity is now a primary responsibility for companies of all kinds as the world embraces digital transformation. A data breach can have catastrophic financial and reputational consequences. With this in mind, it is crucial to take proactive measures to protect your organization’s assets. These five fast wins below can significantly […]

Why Zero Trust Succeeds When Strategic Leadership Is Present

Why Zero Trust Succeeds when Strategic Leadership is Present By Leah Livingston Idenhaus attended the Cybersecurity and Privacy conference hosted by EDUCAUSE in Bellevue, Washington earlier this month. Focused on higher education, the conference facilitated sessions from university leaders and cybersecurity vendors across the country, sharing knowledge ranging from recent technology implementations and challenges in […]

GartnerIAM 2023: How to be Successful with Privileged Access Management

GartnerIAM 2023: How to be successful with Privileged Access Management By Hanno Ekdahl Idenhaus attended this Gartner session on privileged access management (PAM) led by Felix Gaehtens, and it was an excellent primer on how to think about privileged accounts, access management/controls around those accounts, how to approach a PAM implementation, and the continuous commitment […]