Business Email Hacking, Cyber Extortion, and Simplifying Zero-Trust One More Time

May 17, 2022

Have you ever felt like you are in the middle of a cyber storm? When a leak or a hack happens, it can feel like being in the center of a crazy cyber-nado, cyberricane, if you will. Sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming just looking at the odds of a cyber event, even more so when it's your business at stake. Here are a few ways to help you identify and stay away from the latest in the long line of cyber threat developments, at least for the moment. Constant vigilance is called for, when you work with cyber security!

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Zero Trust, Maybe Then Zero Hacks?


Managed Service Providers Face Increased Cyber Threat From APT Groups via Security Magazine 

According to several cybersecurity agencies, state-sponsored advanced persistent threat (APT) groups and other malicious cyber actors are likely to increase their targeting of managed service providers (MSPs) against both provider and customer networks.

CISO Shares Top Strategies to Communicate Security's Value to the Biz via DarkReading

In a keynote address at Black Hat Asia in Singapore this week, CISO and former NASA security engineer George Do discussed his go-to model for measuring security effectiveness – and getting others in the organization to listen.

Cyber Extortion Gets Personal– The Next Step in Email Compromises via Kroll 

What is the 'next level' of phishing? Experts have identified threat actors leveraging phishing attacks to gain access to key email and administrative level accounts, exfiltrate hundreds of GBs of data. They then initiate high-pressure extortion initiatives involving clients, colleagues, senior executives, and even family members.

Simplify Zero-trust Implementation For IoT Security via TechTarget

Zero-trust policies reduce the possibility of costly cyber attacks. Defining user access, boosting network security and using endpoint management tools can streamline adoption. Want better advice? Talk to Idenhaus for a personalized approach to ZTA.

Data Quality – Why You Can’t Ignore It Any Longer  via Idenhaus

What is bad data? How is it affecting your business? Find out how ignoring the bad data can make good data quality impossible to achieve. Want to know how to clean up your data? Stay tuned!


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