8 Insightful Healthcare Cybersecurity News Articles

August 4, 2020
healthcare cybersecurity news

HIPAA compliance, Zero Trust, and the (in)security of telehealth headline this week's Healthcare Cybersecurity news digest. 

healthcare cybersecurity news

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8 Insightful Healthcare Cybersecurity News Articles


Telehealth and Cybersecurity: What You Should Know via HITConsultant

Providers have been eager to adapt to this care delivery method, but many platforms do not meet HIPAA requirements and lack adequate data safeguards. The same connectivity that makes telehealth possible also creates threats to patients.


Cyberattack threat to health care providers on the rise via Medical Economics

"And the other piece that I would add in there is an incident is going to happen. You can have the most expensive technology, processes, and people on the planet, but people are still going to find ways through as technology is complex."


OCR Warns HIPAA Covered Entities: When You Learn About HIPAA Violations, Fix Them via NatLawReview

When informed of potential HIPAA violations, providers owe it to their patients to quickly address problem areas to safeguard individuals’ health information.


Cybersecurity: Managing Risk in the COVID-19 Era via HITConsultant

Reviewing your vendor contracts and audit procedures of such critical vendors can be valuable in maintaining supply chain resiliency and limiting legal and incident response costs when security or privacy incidents occur.


How Zero Trust in Healthcare Can Keep Pace with the Threat Landscape via HealthITSecurity

In healthcare, the zero trust process should center around device health and identity and access management, explained Chace Cunningham, vice president and senior analyst at Forrester. In that way, if an attacker gains access through the network using stolen credentials, the attack can’t proliferate across the network.


Security pros must keep up with the telehealth explosion via SCMagazine

Security can’t get left behind in the rush to keep up with demand and deploy new systems, especially with sensitive and personal healthcare data on the line. The stakes are high: people need to believe that they can run these telehealth sessions securely – that their personal health data won’t get lost or stolen.


Organizing healthcare services with blockchain via HealthEuropa

The potential of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the healthcare domain has been recognized by several stakeholders around the world. Blockchain applications in the healthcare industry span from health data exchange and identity management to drug supply chain, from insurance to personalized medicine.


Learning about Policy Based Access Control via Idenhaus

While Role Based Access Control has a place in the organization to handle standard access patterns, Policy Based Access Control offers a framework to handle more of the access control workload.


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