7 Must-Read Identity Governance & Cybersecurity Articles, April 2019

April 3, 2019

7 Must-Read Identity Governance & Cybersecurity Articles, April 2019

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Why Organizations Need an RBAC Security Model via Idenhaus

In this post, we discuss why organizations implement role based access control (RBAC) from an operational perspective.

Why IoT Devices Are the Trojan Horses of Our Time. And Why Nobody Talks About It. via Paessler

Even if the devices have been specifically deployed by a company's IT department, traditional corporate security measures, such as firewalls, do not work. IoT devices can only be controlled to a limited extent by the IT team because they operate beyond their own closed systems.

How to Reduce Your Legal Exposure Prior to a Cybersecurity Breach via Idenhaus

Cyber law attorney Doug Meal shares the 5 most common pre-breach cybersecurity mistakes companies make and how to avoid them.

5 Things Every Executive Needs to Know About Identity And Access Management via Forbes

Organizations need to recognize that perimeter-based security, which focuses on securing endpoints, firewalls, and networks, provides no protection against identity and credential-based threats. Until they start implementing identity-centric security measures, account compromise attacks will continue to provide a perfect camouflage for data breaches.

Unified Physical and Logical Access Using Industry Standards and Protocols  via SecurityInfoWatch

Today, the physical and logical worlds have converged on myriad fronts. The technology has converged, the business processes have converged, and the threats have converged. This means that now it is possible to look at access in a unified manner.

The future of identity management in the mobile era via GCN

Advanced capabilities like behavioral analytics (BA) can enhance identity management strategies by verifying user’s digital behavior and interactions. Multifactor authentication, which verifies users with a physical item such as a common access card or a biometric factor in addition to a passcode is a good start. And while derived credentials -- where an individual’s verifying information is stored on the device itself -- are central to smart identity management in the mobile era, they don’t go far enough in protecting data against today’s sophisticated adversaries.

Does your Identity Management Program Pass the ‘Marshmallow Test’?  via Idenhaus

Most organizations struggle with the temptation to implement an IAM technology quickly without having defined their processes, policies, and provisioning requirements. The implementation is seen as an event and not what it really is: the start of an ongoing effort.


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