10 Must-Read IAM and Healthcare Cybersecurity Articles

December 4, 2019


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Identity Management Biweekly: 10 Must-Read IAM and Healthcare Cybersecurity Articles


Identity Management: Managing User Access Across the Worker Lifecycle via Idenhaus

In this video, Hanno Ekdahl and Nicole Keaton Hart take a look at user access management across a worker’s lifecycle, specifically “in the middle” when workers may change departments, roles, or locations in the organization.

Key Findings: The Gartner 2019 Critical Capabilities for Identity Governance and Administration via SolutionsReview

The Gartner 2019 Critical Capabilities for Identity Governance and Administration highlights 11 vendors researchers consider the most significant. Then, they evaluate these vendors against nine critical capabilities and four distinct use cases.

The State of Healthcare Cybersecurity and the Dark Web Economy via Security Magazine

There are few industries where the cybersecurity stakes are higher than in the healthcare space, with medical organizations running the risk of life-threatening disruptions at the hands of malicious actors

As Cloud Security Improves, a Weak Link Emerges: People via SiliconAngle

Some of the most notorious cloud breaches have been the result of sensitive data being left in the open on cloud servers. Human error is again to blame.

Wearable Technology in Healthcare: What are the Leading Themes? via Verdict Medical Devices

The challenges that wearable technology is facing are broad. They range from data security, trust issues, and incentivisation to regulatory and ethical hurdles.

How the Internet of Things will Change Finance via BusinessTimes

An EY report noted that probably the most important and fundamental change that the IoT introduces to the financial sector is the disruption of established information asymmetry.

What Happens When Healthcare Data is Stolen or Held for Ransom? It Depends via TechRepublic

Hospitals are reluctant to disclose attacks, and regulations don't offer clear advice about what to tell patients.

How Can Patients Protect Their Medical Devices from Hackers? via MDDI Online

FDA and manufacturers shoulder most of the cybersecurity burden, but should patients and caregivers also play a role?

5 Potential Oversights In Enterprise Identity Management via Solutions Review

Identity forms the basis of enterprise cybersecurity. In fact, security experts proclaim identity as the new digital perimeter; through strong continuous authentication, your enterprise can enforce stronger cybersecurity than ever.

Implementing Identity Management – Two Steps Forward, One Step Back  via Idenhaus

Can implementing Identity Management (IDM) degrade a company’s provisioning performance? In a word, yes!


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